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Tips for Trying Cloth Diapering Without Spending Too Much Money When You Are On the Fence

Should I go for cloth diapering?  There isn't a clear answer that applies to everyone. We all have different lifestyles, preferences, and babies. Yes, I mentioned that even our babies are different because some will be allergic to various brands of disposable diapers or even laundry detergent used on cloth diapers!   My guide today is for those who are undecided.  My goal is to be open minded because most articles about cloth diapering have an agenda that you should use them.  I don't necessarily agree. I think that there are a lot of tradeoffs and that we should be open minded!

1. Disposable Swim Diapers are a Must 
While I am on the fence with cloth diapering and think that it really depends on a number of factors, I am 100% in when it comes to disposable swim diapers.  The reason is that the disposable swim diapers are very expensive (almost $1 per diaper).  One good reusable swim diaper is under $15 and may be used throughout the entire summer. Plus, you have the disposable swim diaper if you go to a hotel or other destination in winter months when swim diapers are impossible to find and you get stuck paying $3 or $4 for just one diaper at a resort. (Yes, I've been there!)   The disposable swim diapers come in a couple of sizes.  Personally, I bought two for my baby who was born in Fall.  I bought the Bumkins Swim Diapers in sizes Medium and Large.  They have paid for themselves many times over.  Plus, if nothing else, I have to admit that I would have debated whether I wanted to take my baby swimming on multiple occasions and whether it was worth using an expensive disposable swim diaper.  With these reusable swim diapers, I don't even think twice.   I wash them in our washing machine with our regular laundry and let them air dry.   

Plus, save your used swim diapers and sell them as a "lot" on eBay once your kids outgrow them if you want a little money back.  Otherwise, give them to a friend or donate them to someone who will be excited to have them.


 2. Are you rich and eco-friendly?  gDiapers are kind of cool.
If you don't mind spending a lot of extra money on your baby's diapers, gDiapers are popular.  You buy the cover and then buy disposable inserts.  This is not a  very cost-effective way to go with cloth diapering, but it is definitely convenient with those disposable inserts that you toss instead of washing. These are for eco-friendly moms that want a hybrid cloth diapering approach.   Go for a bundle just to get started rather than buying full-size quantities of everything.


 3. Do you want to go modern traditional? 
I'm a fan of the All-in-One cloth diaper if you are going to use cloth diapers and clean them on your own (or send them to a laundry service).  The days of yucky cloth and clothes pins have been over for a long time.  Nowadays, the AIO cloth diapers are easy-peasy to use. They are pretty absorbent and have snaps to close them.  If you aren't 100% sure if you are going to stick with cloth diapering, order several AIO diapers and give it a try.  See if it works for you.  You don't want to sink a lot of money into cloth diapers if it becomes tedious and inconvenient for you.  Here are some AIO diapers that we tried and liked.


You may also consider buying  a sample bundle to get started.

4. Go disposable when they first come home from the hospital and switch to cloth after you recover.
Childbirth is not easy for everyone.  Let me tell you that I took a good month to recover with both of my children and extra laundry was the last thing that I needed.   I think that disposable diapers are the way to go in the first few weeks because your body has been through a lot.  Your baby is going to take short cat naps and wake up around the clock which is exhausting.  I appreciated disposable diapers until I started to feel better.

5. Consider cloth diapers when they potty train.
For my first son, we used disposable diapers when he was a baby. When potty training time came around, those disposable diapers were too luxurious since they do a great job of wicking away moisture. He didn't care if there was pee in his diaper.  I followed the advice of having him wear underwear so that he wouldn't like the feel of wet underwear if he peed. However, that was just gross. I didn't enjoy cleaning pee off of my furniture or floors.  That's where cloth diapers came into play.  He had become so used to the luxurious feel of disposable diapers that he was not happy when he peed in a cloth diaper and it stuck to him.  The diaper contained everything without a mess for me to clean up and he was uncomfortable. Boom! It because easy to potty train him!  I only bought 3 cloth diapers for him, so that was a small investment to help potty train him.  (It's kind of rude to link to the low quality cloth diapers, but feel welcome to email me if you want to know exactly what we used.  Basically, search for "cheap cloth diapers.")

6. If you go with disposable, try Amazon Mom or Costco
If you are going to use disposable diapers, it is a bit of an expense.  I use Amazon Mom or watch for sales at Costco.  On the average day, I've found the best deals on Amazon Mom.  Every once in a while, Costco has $8 off coupons for boxes of diapers and that is an awesome deal.  Rumor has it that the Costco Kirkland brand of diapers are basically Huggies.  I really like them.  Plus, Costco has good customer service that is nice about returns if you don't like something.   Don't buy too many newborn size diapers in case your baby is large. My first son was in size newborn at birth, but my second son was in size one. Surprise!

7. Get bonuses with a baby registrySet up a baby registry with your cloth diapers or disposable diapers for bonuses when they are ordered. Target, Babies R Us, and Amazon all have baby registries. Here is the link for Amazon's -  Shop Amazon - Create an Amazon Baby Registry 

8. Skip the overpriced Dreft Detergent
Both of my babies were allergic to Dreft. It had fragrance. I switched use fragrance-free laundry detergent and everyone has been happy and rash-free. Look for the "Free and Clear" formulas by brands such as All, Tide, Purex, and other brands.

Personally, I am a hybrid mom that uses both disposable diapers and cloth diapers. The reusable swim diapers are 100% awesome for me since we live in a hot climate and go swimming a lot. The price of disposable swim diapers are just so crazy.  (Although, if you rarely go swimming, maybe you want to go with the disposable. It just happens that we go swimming a lot.)    As for cloth diapers on a day-to-day basis, I ended up only using them on weekends.  If I had extra time, it would have been great to get more use out of our cloth diapers, but I was happy to at least make use of them on weekend.  At 52 weeks per year, I think that the weekend cloth diapering saved me some money even though I only used them on weekends. Where they really improved the quality of our life was during potty training.  My little guy was not happy about the low quality cloth diapers that I bought for potty training and decided to use the potty rather quickly!

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