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5 Products that You Need to Help with Constipation from Iron Supplements or Iron Infusions for Anemia

I am not a medical professional, so please consult a doctor before you do anything, but please feel welcome to share my story with your doctor to ask if my experience is helpful in your situation. 

1. Look into the Iron Supplement.
My experience began with fatigue. It turns out that my iron was low.  My doctor recommend iron tablets which caused the side effect of constipation.  When I brought this up, she told me to try Slow-FE. I thought that she was saying "slophy" as if it rhymed with "trophy", but I eventually figured out that it is spelled as Slow-FE.  (Get it - the FE stands for iron. Very clever name.) This OTC iron supplement helped a bit with constipation.  At the very least, I could take it without feeling like my stomach was in knots, so that was a plus.  Here is a link to Slow-FE on Amazon if you want to check out more details.   

2. Hemorrhoids are the worst.
No one wants to talk about hemorrhoids. Not only are they embarrassing, but they HURT!  I really appreciate Preparation H.  I used this at home.  Did you know that they also have ones to carry in your purse or bag?  They are called Preparation H Totables and are discrete. I mean, I still cringe that I carry them in my purse, but they are super helpful.

3. Try green smoothies.
In addition to switching to Slow-FE, I also started making green smoothies for snacks.  Let me tell you though that you should start slow.  The pendulum may swing from constipation to diarrhea quicker than you anticipate, so don't go crazy on these green smoothies until you figure out the right balance for you.  Personally, I use a Nutri Ninja and add 4 ounces of juice (I like the V8 splashes with peach, mango, or berry flavors) and then 3 handfuls of spinach.  This is the perfect taste for me, but my son prefer to additionally add a banana or berries to his green smoothies.  I highly recommend a good blender like the NutriNinja like I use because it works in about 30 seconds and is super easy to use. Plus, I save a fortune compared to buying green smoothies at a juice shop.  I pay approximately $4 for a giant container of spinach at Costco each week.

4. Exercise.
Exercise is important for helping constipation. Unfortunately, many people do not feel fit and active when they are low on iron and it is a challenge. It was certainly a challenge for me.  Actually, at one point, my iron was so low that I couldn't walk very far without help.  It was rough to only walk a few minutes at a time without sitting down, but eventually the iron started to catch up and I was able to walk farther and farther each day.  I ordered new running shoes for my walks so that I had shoes with good soles to help.

5. High fiber protein powder.
This is another one of those things to use in moderation in case it works "too well" and  you end up in pain from diarrhea instead of constipation, but Bob's Redmill has a high fiber protein powder that has worked really well for me. I am only able to have one scoop per day of this powder though or else it is too much for me to handle. Sorry for the "TMI", but I just don't want anyone else to risk learning the hard way that this product has a lot of fiber!

6. Metamucil.
Your grandparents would probably recommend Metamucil .  It has been around for a long time.  It works well and I liked it before I was into green smoothies and the high fiber protein powder.  About several years ago, they came out with Metamucil MultiGrain Fiber Wafers. They actually aren't bad!  My husband likes to eat them for the taste.  I keep telling him not to eat them because they are kind of pricey and I only buy them because I need the help after iron supplements or infusions.

7. Drink water.
Water helps.  I notice a dramatic difference and much less pain when I drink enough water.  Being dehydrated while taking iron supplements or having iron transfusions is the worst!

Finally, this will pass.  The first time that you start iron supplements or iron infusions is the worst because you don't realize in advance that the constipation is going to hit hard.  Once you learn, you figure it out and do your best to get through the rough time. Do your best to incorporate some digestive friendly tips into your lifestyle and you will get through this!

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