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How I Got Rid of a Milk Blister with Yellow Discharge After Two Months

How I Got Rid of a Milk Blister with Yellow Discharge After Two Months

I am not a medical professional, but feel welcome to read my story about getting rid of a milk blister and discuss it with your doctor if you feel that it is helpful. Please don't consider this post as any sort of medical advice since we have no medical training and you should talk to your medical doctor. Now, let me share my experience.

I had a milk blister that lasted for more than two months and eventually developed yellow discharge. I finally got rid of the milk blister. I had been nursing for almost one year when the milk blister problem started.  

The first time that the milk blister appeared was after a 24 hour struggle that I had with a clogged milk duct. I finally got the milk duct unclogged and then noticed the bright white dot shown in the first photo.  The milk blister was a bright white dot. I thought that it was strange, but ignored it because it didn't hurt and I didn't think much about it. On the second day though, I thought more about it and took a photo in case I wanted to show it to my doctor.  Over the next few weeks, it seemed to come and go.  I noticed that it sometimes seemed to disappear after I fed my baby in the morning, but then it would come back. I didn't know what it was and later learned that it was a milk blister.  It may have been caused from bad latching, but I'm not really sure.  My baby had been teething and was extremely fussy and having trouble eating.

So then time elapsed and it eventually turned a yellowish color and then continued to get bigger and nastier. The milk blister even had yellow discharge.  My husband suggested poking it with a sterile needle.  Well, let me tell you that this didn't work for me. It hurt like no other and then it seemed to get even bigger!  It was the worst idea and I regretted it. I decided to make an appointment with my doctor, but it was Thanksgiving and their office was closed, so I cried and asked a mom's group that I am in for advice. Someone told me to soak in epsom salts 4x/day for 10 minutes each time. I used 1 cup of warm water to 1.5 Tablespoons of epsom salts. I was thinking that this would never work, but gave it a try.  It didn't seem to work until Day 5.  I soaked my nipple in a glass or water with epsom salts for 10 minutes, rinsed, and then dangle fed by baby. As I mentioned, it didn't seem to make a difference until Day 5. On Day 5, after I fed him, I looked and it was gone. It looked like the third image in that photo. I was in shock! It was finally gone.  I have no idea if these things just spontaneously pop or if the epsom salt soaks and warm rinses made a difference, but that nasty milk blister was finally gone!  

If I develop another milk blister, I plan to schedule a visit to my doctor promptly rather than letting is spiral out of control like it did over the past two months. Milk blisters are disgusting and I regret that I lived with the milk blister for over two months.  

Again, I'm not a medical professional. Actually, I'm pretty clueless as you'll take away from this story, but I am sharing because this milk blister caused me so much heartache and stress.

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